Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Waiting for more improvement

It was such an answer to our (and your) prayers that Patrick was able to be aroused from his coma, and to have his breathing tube removed yesterday. Doctors had predicted it would be another few days before that would occur, so they are pleased at his determination to get better. I suppose I was expecting him to bounce right out of the coma, talking, laughing, being himself, etc., and of course he didn't, which is totally normal. His neurologist predicted it could still be a few days before he comes back up to a more normal baseline level of interaction. So, for now, he's still not talking, or interacting very much, which is sad to see. He lifts his eyebrows and make slight facial indications and reactions that are totally Patrick, so that's been sweet to see. He's back from coma-land, but still not totally with me yet.  He obviously can't do anything on his own, so it's hard to see, given my naive hopefulness. Again, apparently he's on a typical pace of progression, from having had such trauma occur to his brain over the past few weeks, so it will be harder for him to bounce. He's drowsy today, and they've giving him a slight sedative to help relax him. He has some involuntary movement on his left side, that could just be some sort of tic that has now been exasperated from the trauma and the exhaustion from it. So, hopefully he'll be able to rest over the next few days, gather his strength, and start moving towards a state of more alertness and good health.

We still don't have a really good gauge as to what to expect when he's all said and done and out of the ICU (nor do we know when that will happen), so we're still watching and waiting, hoping and praying, each and every minute of every day. Please continue to lift him up! Your prayers are moving heaven and earth for us and for him, and we still need them! Yesterday was a big day, but as my mother-in-law reminded me this morning, he/we are not running a sprint, but rather we're in a marathon, and we need to be patient with the progess.

Thanks for checking back, praying and being concerned! We had over 3,000 people read our blog yesterday! It amazes me how surrounded we are by your love and prayers -- really from all around the world!


  1. The waiting must be the hardest!! I'll be praying for that 'marathon-mindset' would be difficult for me to keep that in mind as well! Love you all...

  2. WOW, Julie - 3000?!! I can only imagine how encouraged you are by is truly miraculous how deep and wide is the love of our Father for us, and I think you are seeing that through the beloved community! May the fervent prayers of your many, many friends continue to be felt and to be heard. We are with you!!!
    Naomi, Michael and Molly

  3. such great news and improvement. you keep that hope alive, as hard as it is. you are incredible. let this part be behind you and relish in each and every single tiny improvement. they so add up. you are amazing in this, julie! send patrick lots of love from andy, the girls and I in NC.

  4. Still praying, whether there is good news or not. The Lord has put you on so many people's hearts and minds for a reason. Please, Jesus, send your full and complete healing!

  5. Wow Julie, it is amazing how much can change in a couple of weeks... I just caught myself up on everything that has been going on. You (and Patrick and Cecelia) have been on my mind and in my prayers a lot (and Jason as well) and now I know why! Not that I thought that your good news a couple of weeks ago meant that the battle was over, but I certainly didnt expect to read all of this tonight! We are in battle with you... our prayers are with you. We are thinking about all of you and our hearts are heavy with yours... we know that God will surround you with his peace and presence... and I also pray that he gives you an enormous amount of strength. We serve a great God and we are believing with you in Patricks healing!

  6. Go, PK! So glad you are back. Thinking of you all daily--
    Cousin Helen


Thanks for your prayers!