Wednesday, December 21, 2011

How to visit PK at NIH

Hi team, this is a guest post from Julie's friend, Ali, to assist those of you who have asked how to visit Patrick at NIH.

First, as Julie mentioned in her last post, she would love for you to visit. But she can't coordinate visitors, and it's hard to predict when will be a "good time." So just go, but be prepared that you may have to wait a little bit to see Patrick.  If the nurses are doing something with him, they'll have the door closed and will tell you when you can go in. At least one of the Kelly women is always there too.

NIH is located off of Rockville Pike in Bethesda, MD.  You can drive there or take the red line to "Medical Center." There are excellent directions here: 

Patrick is in Building 10, Southwest/South ICU unit, 3rd floor. Room 7

There are visiting hours, but they are not strictly enforced. Typically, the Kellys are trying to get him settled for bedtime around 8:30 or 9p, so it is best to come before that.

For those who like a little more information:

Allot extra time for the security at NIH. If you drive, your car and all the bags in it will be inspected. If you arrive at night, drive into the "deliveries" entrance.

Building 10 is the tallest clinical building on campus. There's a parking garage below Bldg 10, as well as one right next to it.  There's security to get on the campus, but once you're in building 10, it's like a normal hospital.

Once you get up to Patrick's hallway, there is a sign on the door to the hallway that says "caregivers only," but just go ahead and open the door or ring for a nurse to let you in. Before you go in his room, you'll need to put on hand sanitizer, gloves and a paper gown (over your clothes). They are in a station outside his room. The yellow gowns are very becoming.

Children are generally not allowed in the ICU. If your family comes, the adults could take turns going in to see Patrick. There is a waiting room on the third floor with a TV and a table, and there is a large atrium in the lobby (with Christmas decor).


  1. Thanks so much for this info.

    If I can get there, I will.

    Pat Soehl

  2. Thank you for this info, Ali.


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