Thursday, December 1, 2011

No news is...well, no news.

We met with Patrick's oncologist today, and they still can't figure what is causing his worsening-by-the-moment symptoms. They suggested that we check him into the inpatient hospital at NIH for 24-hour surveillance, and in order to run more tests (an MRI of the brain and spine, which will happen tomorrow, for starters...). His doctor also ordered that he go off of all of his medications (cold turkey) as of tomorrow, so that they can see what exactly is causing all of the coordination issues and motor interference. Thankfully, he'll be in the hospital while he's detoxing from all of the meds, in case anything goes haywire, but it might not be a pleasant few days for him. :(

We did convince his medical team to let us check him in late this evening (versus earlier in the day), as we had planned to (finally) celebrate his birthday with his family, while his dad was still in town. So he filled up on delicious Swiss fondue, french baguette, and dark chocolate cake, before he checked into NIH just about an hour ago.  Hopefully we'll have more news in the next few days to report. At this point, they're holding off on starting his next round of chemo until they figure out what's going on with him, and until he has more strength and stamina to be slammed with another bout of toxicity.


  1. Julie,
    You and Patrick are in my prayers!

  2. I'm so glad that PK was able to celebrate his bday with other family members and enjoy little pleasures like dark chocolate cake! Making those happy memories will surely help him get through this weekend emotionally. Praying and fasting for you all!


Thanks for your prayers!