Monday, December 19, 2011

Showing Little Improvement

Patrick has shown little improvement since when I last wrote. He has enjoyed a bit of food, and that seems to have put some color back into his face, but each day gets harder for him. Three days ago, he was able to ask his sister JoAnn "where's my wife?" (cute), but we can't get any other words out of him now. He was swallowing milkshakes, smoothies and sweet potatoes on Friday, but wasn't able to swallow anything come Sunday. He still has his feeding tube, so he's receiving 1500+ calories a day through that, but we'd love to see him eat something tasty as well!

It's hard not to lose hope. His brain seems to be shutting down more and more each day. He's able to give very few (if any) responses to us now. He's sometimes able to move his head in the direction of no or yes, but even his ability to kiss, or purse his lips at me has disappeared.

He's supposed to have another MRI today (or early this week), so we hope that is revealing and helpful. The doctors are considering running a variety of tests to see if he has some sort of strong gluten allergy, Lymes disease or any other sort of disease that could be debilitating him.

Please pray for a miracle. We're hoping to organize some sort of (virtual) Day of Prayer for Patrick, perhaps for Christmas Eve, so that we together, from around the world, and from just about every faith background, can surround Patrick with our love and prayers, and intercede on his part for some radical healing--for a Christmas miracle! Stay tuned. I'll post the details on that when I have them.

I'll let you know as I find out more. Please continue to pray for him!



  1. Julie - we continue to pray on his (and your behalf), and we will join you on the coordinated day of prayer. I will rally my friends and family here to join in. Love you guys.

  2. We'll continue to hope and pray with you!

  3. Dear Julie,
    I met you in Calif. at Claire's. We had tea together at her house.
    Claire has kept me informed about Patrick and please know that
    he is prayed for continually by several friends of Claire's here in Calif.
    I like your idea of having a world day of prayer for Patrick's healing.
    I pray for you Julie that God will provide each day his care and peace.

  4. Julie, You and Patrick and Cecelia are in my prayers continuously.
    Much love, Cynthia

  5. Dear Julie -- this is so hard: we are so committed to you & your family, and we pray for a miracle, that God will reveal what is happening to our dear friend and brother and that God will raise him up and give him back to us all.

    Love, Steve & Sally

  6. Continuing to pray with you all. May God grant strength, peace, wisdom and surround you with the comfort of His Spirit.

  7. Julie,
    All of us at St Paul's love you guys and continue to pray for a Christmas miracle, that what is happening would come clear -- may you know Jesus' presence in these days.

  8. Julie,
    I wish I could make it all better! We are praying! May the Spirit grant you extra strength, peace and grace. May the doctors be given compassion and wisdom. We ask the Lord for radical healing in Patrick's body and mind.
    Dorie & Steve Coil

  9. Dear Julie and all,
    We are praying for you all. Claire knows that she can call me if I can help in any way. We love you. Ann and Rusty and Michael

  10. we are praying. we love you.

    -Mark and Rachel

  11. I speak to this infirmity and command it to go now in the name of Jesus! Will continue to pray. May God's blessing rest upon you.

    Robert Williams

  12. Come Lord Jesus, come. Come Lord, be with Patrick, Lord, heal him! Come Jesus, be with Julie, comfort her! We continue to intercede for Patrick. We love you loads...

  13. I am friends of your friends (the Kirlews) all the way in Arizona. I just want you to know that you have so been on my heart and in my prayers. I am standing in agreement for Patrick's healing and wholeness. Stay strong and remember that you are not alone in this.

  14. Praying for miraculous healing.

    Bill and Cindy Evans

  15. Dear Julie,
    We are so sorry that the burden you, Patrick, his mom and sisters, are carrying is so heavy, difficult to comprehend, and bear.
    We hope that you feel the support of your extended family and friends, near and far.
    We are with you in thought and prayer.
    We hold you warmly in our hearts.
    With you we continuously pray for a miracle.
    Monique and Bob

  16. I have come across this site through Facebook. I went to Freeman with Patrick and although we weren't close, I knew he was a great guy. Your family is in my thoughts and prayers and I know God will help heal him.
    God Bless,
    Brian Donald
    Freeman '96

  17. Julie -

    Ron and I along with our various mutual friends are praying every day for Patrick. We are praying not just for improvement but for TOTAL healing! We love you guys very much.


  18. Patrick/Julie:
    Know that we at Touchstone are praying for you both, for rest and strength and healing.


  19. Praying for radical healing Julie! Sorry we missed you when we were up there! Let me know if you want help with the day of prayer for him ok?

  20. I will pray for Patrick. I think it is about time to pray for a miracle. May the Lord continue to be merciful and to heal Patrick in profound ways. And may the doctors be amazed and receptive to the Lord's work! Let us pray.

  21. Julie,
    I am so incredibly sorry to hear the update. Amy and I are praying. It has been far too long since we spoke but if there is ANYTHING I can do please let me know. I wish to visit, where is the hospital?

  22. Dear Julie,

    Joe and I will be praying for you and your precious family.

    -Elizabeth Costello


Thanks for your prayers!