Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Rough Night

I received a call from Patrick's nurse around 6:30pm last night that he was having seizure-like symptoms, and that I should come in ASAP. By the time I got there, they symptoms had stopped and he was seemingly fine. PK's mom and sister were there, too, and by the time we left him at 10pm, he was ready for bed, and in good spirits (still unable to walk around by himself.)

I then got a call at 1:30am from his nurse that he had had two more seizures, one pretty intense (and long, and lasting for about 10 minutes), and that he had been transferred to the ICU at NIH. They tried to put in an IV to give him anti-seizure meds, but he didn't respond, so they put him into a medically-induced coma, intubated him, and gave him stronger meds. He's quieted down now, and they will run an EEG on his brain today to see if there is any more seizure-like activity occuring.  Depending on how things look, they hope to bring him out of his coma tomorrow (or late today.)

PLEASE PRAY! He needs to be healed, the doctors need wisdom, and that the seizures would end!

I'm headed to NIH now, and my sister is staying with Ceci until my parents arrive from PA this afternoon to take her back with them for a few days, while we sort this out. Thankfully, she goes really easily to them, and I know she will have a blast.

I'll send out more news when I have it.


  1. David & Lauren WiseDecember 4, 2011 at 11:46 AM


  2. Julie, we're just catching up on recent blog posts. Y'all are in our prayers! May God be merciful to you and Patrick and heal him and give you both rest and peace.

  3. Brysons are praying. Kyrie eleison.

  4. so thankful for a safe place for your girl so you can focus on your man. try to rest and eat and sleep as much as you can during the in between of seeing PK. you are incredible, mama julie!


Thanks for your prayers!