Thursday, September 29, 2011

Round Deux

I'm not feeling very reflective or verbose today, but I wanted to send along a quick update, for those of you keeping up with our blog. We've had (much to our surprise) over 4,300 hits in the past month (!), so thanks for reading and following along with us! Knowing we are surrounded and supported by such a "great cloud of witnesses" makes this journey feel far less lonesome...

We're just about to begin Operation Fight Brain Cancer: Chemo Round 2. Patrick's at NIH getting his pic line inserted this morning, and will begin his week of chemo tomorrow. Since I last wrote, we "successfully" moved out of our house in Del Ray, and into our new place in Great Falls, VA. It's strangely a wee bit freeing to not have to worry about 3/4 of our belongings that are now hiding out in Pod Land. With less stuff to manage or clean, I can hopefully better concentrate on getting Patrick healthy and keeping Cecilia happy. We're feeling much more settled now, and ready to begin Round 2.

Patrick's hair fell out this week. He was pretty devastated, but is looking pretty fine (if you ask me) with his new buzz cut and collection of hats. I'll work on posting some recent photos, including MRI scans of his tumor (past and present), for those that are interested.

Also, Ali Winter has put together a care calendar, which has been a great way for folks to sign up/learn about tangible needs we may have (whether or not we're aware of them!), without having to interface with me about them. (I'm having a hard time keeping track of details or responding in a timely way to emails/fb messages offering help). So, if you want to bring a meal, or hang out with an adorable (almost!) 2 year old, or drive PK to NIH for a chemo appointment, sign up there. (Hopefully I can figure out how to create a tab for it on the blog, if not, I'll post a link to the website.)

We have no cell phone reception at our new place in Great Falls, so email or call us at the below land line number, should you need to reach us. We're working on getting our own land line put in, and I will send that number along, once I have that info. Others have asked for our new mailing address, so I'm including that below as well.

Blessings and peace to each of you this day,

Patrick, Julie and Cecilia Kelly
c/o Steve and Nancy Skancke
833 Nethercliffe Hall Road
Great Falls, VA 22066
703.759.4927 (temporary landline)
919.402.7264 (patrick's cell)
919.402.7244 (julie's cell)


  1. can you post the link to help?? or email me ( we'd love to!
    we pray for you all daily.

    pat and courtney cassada
    {went to college with patrick!}

  2. We're getting updates each week from Julie's parent and praying for you all.

  3. I agree, Julie, Patrick does look very handsome with his buzz cut!! and Ceci is too cute!

    The scans are rather intimidating, but seeing the cancer makes it easier to visualize it's progressive disappearance. I'm seeing it shrink from the outside in with each day of treatment...

    I'm keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers,


Thanks for your prayers!