Friday, September 9, 2011

Blogging about this "Adventure"

I've always wanted to blog. I love to write, but I REALLY enjoy my privacy, so writing my personal thoughts and feelings for the "whole" world to read, feels a tad uncomfortable, to say the least. But because you care, and because you like us, because you're faithfully praying for us, and, frankly, because Patrick has cancer, I've decided to blog about this. It seems a fitting way to share with you updates, photos, and prayer requests, while not overloading my email inbox. Thanks to one of JoAnn (Patrick's sister)'s bridesmaids, Gayleen, who is ultra-fabulous and ultra-with-it, we have a blog all set up for this. (Thanks Gayleen!) She's inserted the emails that have led up to this point, and share with you our initial news and updates about Patrick's diagnosis. And from here on out, one of us will try to keep you informed of what's ahead, how he's feeling, etc.

She also thought folks might like to learn of tangible ways to help us, and prayer is our #1 need right now, so we'll periodically update things to pray for, if you're the praying kind. Others have indicated that they'd like to contribute to our various needs, so she's set-up a paypal account to make that easy for you. Please, please, please don't feel obligated to do this at all. I'm mortified that it's even an option! But, I also realize that with his 50% cut in salary (he'll be on disability), and the fact that I'm at home caring for Cecilia and now him, it's going to be REALLY tough to stay a-float in DC. We're trusting that God will provide for all our needs, while at the same time figuring out ways to change our lifestyle (which will likely include moving into a smaller place) in order to make this feasible. Other fabulous friends are setting up some sort of calendar where you can sign up to bring meals, etc. Once that's established, I should be able to link it to this blog, should you want to do that. But, seriously, it's your prayers, friendship, and words of encouragement that we really need, so don't feel pressured to do give anything else!

Several folks have made mention to this journey ahead as an "adventure". I personally tend to look forward to adventures, but can't say I'm looking forward to this one (at all.) But, I hope and trust and pray that we'll not only survive it, but also thrive (somehow) through it. Thanks for being a part of it!

Patrick had his pic line inserted today, and will begin his first chemo treatment tomorrow morning at 8am. He's on his way back home, as we "speak"/write, and will spend the night here, before heading back up to NIH at the crack of dawn. He hasn't seen Cecilia in almost 2 weeks (!), so I'm really excited for them to reconnect before his treatments begin.

With much love and gratitude (and fear and trembling!),


  1. We will pray for tomorrow's first day of chemo and we pray that tonight's reunion as a whole family was a blessing beyond words!!!! We love you all and are praying!!!!!

  2. Praying for you guys!

  3. Stephen and I are praying LOTS for you, Patrick--your treatment and recovery especially. Steve has been praying for you at every mealtime too. This blog is a great idea! I've just prayed for all the specifics Julie mentioned. May the Lord bless you both with His peace that transcends understanding.
    Love from Aunt Sarah

  4. Holy Trinity - Chatham is praying ( for you Patrick, Julie and Cecilia! May God strengthen you for the road ahead and restore your health, brother.

    David Hyman


Thanks for your prayers!