Monday, September 12, 2011

1st week of chemo...

Patrick began his first week of chemo on Saturday. It's a five day treatment, so he'll finish on Wednesday. We take him up to NIH for a rather short period of time each day to change his chemo bag, which he wears oh-so-stylishly on him at all time in a fanny-pack. (It takes a real man to wear one.) So far he is tolerating the chemo fairly well. He has to take a high dose of steroids (I believe to shrink the tumor and it's surrounding inflammation (?)), so he's all hyped up (literally) and feeling great. According to the protocol's time-line, he's expected to crash on Wednesday, so we're looking forward to that. For the first time in our relationship he functions on less sleep than I do, and talks my ear off (and the ears of anyone he runs into!) It's so strange to see him so strong and vibrant, while knowing there's a tumor in his brain, poison in his fanny-pack, and many hard days and nights ahead.

Thank you for praying, leaving various messages of encouragement, and offering your generous help. We're completely overwhelmed with the love of so many, and very thankful that we're not in this alone. So many wonderful things are happening, in the midst of this awful beast called cancer, and with each blessing, we are reminded that God is indeed good, even when cancer is so intrinsically evil.

Steve and Nancy Skancke, friends of ours from our days at The Falls Church, have invited us (and our two cats!) to live with them in their lovely Great Falls home. They have a roomy 2 bedroom basement apartment that will be just perfect for us. It's much closer to NIH, so our daily commute there and back will be cut at least in half. We're selling Patrick's car to his mom (since she needs one, and he's not allowed to drive for at least 6 mos with his recent seizures), packing our stuff into a Pod (thanks to friends who have offered to pay for our move and storage fees!), and downsizing our life for a bit, as we concentrate on Patrick's care. Others are providing meals, care for Cecilia, rides to NIH, help with packing, cleaning, and advice with all of the required (and rather confusing) HR paperwork. Our landlord is allowing us to move out of our house without any hassle, so we are thankful and very relieved at the ease of all of this, despite the internal complexity going on in Patrick's body!

So, thank you, thank you, thank you, for your generous care. We're learning to see God's love for us and protection over us each day through your prayers, gifts and love.

With hope, (and a new appreciation for fanny-packers),


  1. All of us here in Uganda (including the children) are praying for Patrick and your entire family. I remember you guys daily and am confident that the God we serve is a God of miracles. Please let me know if there is anything I can do. Much love, Sarita

  2. So encouraging to see the Lord provide in all these ways! So thankful. Praying for PK and your family daily! We love you!

  3. We love you guys. Praise God for His provision...for help with Ceci, finances, housing, and so much more.

  4. oh julie, you are such a good blogger. I love you and Patrick. praying for healing and ready to help with all of the above... ali

  5. we prayed for you guys @ small group last night. thank you for keeping us updated. we love you and miss you so much!

  6. Sending many prayers and positive vibes your way, Patrick and Julie. I'm thankful you are so supported by your community!

    Patrick, even though you feel like Superman right now, I hope you're taking it easy!

    Have you thought of re-reading David Servan-Schreiber's book: Anticancer? Lots of valuable info there regarding ways to support your health during treatment.

    I'm enjoying your writing, Julie... you have talent! Thanks for keeping us so close. with love

  7. Tx so much Julie for the update...praise Lord for the provision for housing, childcare and hands-on help from so many loved ones around you. What a blessing. Praying for you all! Love from Durham, natalie + dave

  8. Hi all, Thanks to both of you for writing. It is a daunting task (just getting through each day) let alone letting the "world" take a peak. Yet, this is one more way of letting the Body of Christ support and care for you. Prayers continue, Jeff and Martha

  9. Hey Patrick and Julie,
    Yall are on our hearts and minds all the time as you go through this challenging time together. We are thinking about and praying for you today.
    Lots of love from the Badrinas,
    Rachel and Eddy


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