Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A very quick update & request for prayer

Patrick is scheduled to get an MRI tomorrow (Thursday the 13th) at 12:15pm. His NIH medical team is re-thinking his treatment plan, and hoping to avoid radiation if at all possible. If the MRI reveals that his tumor is either a) gone, b) shrinking or c) responding well to the chemo protocol, they may adjust the plan by either avoiding radiation altogether, limiting the rounds of chemo or adding additional chemos to the mix. If it's not shrinking, or if it's getting bigger, they'd likely stick with the current plan (4 more 3-week rounds of chemo and five weeks of radiation).

Please pray that the tumor is shrinking, and that he can avoid getting his brain radiated! Apparently, once it's been radiated, it can't be repeated. So, if his cancer were to return, once he's received radiation, there would be nothing that could be done to help/heal it. If we don't do radiation this time, it would always be there as a treatment option, should his cancer return a 3rd time.

Sorry for all of the technicalities.....but we wanted to send on this bit of news, for those checking in regularly. We'll post as soon as we have the results!


  1. Praying here too!

  2. Anxiously waiting for the results. Patrick deserves the best.

  3. Lord have mercy, Lord have mercy, Lord have mercy.
    Let us know. Love you!


Thanks for your prayers!