Thursday, November 10, 2011

VERY good news!

We are waiting in the pharmacy's waiting room at NIH, stocking up on the trunkload of meds that will accompany Patrick's 4th (out of 6) chemo cycle. (We're half-way done, folks...yay!) I wanted to send out a quick note to update you all on some good news we just received: Patrick had a PETscan and an MRI today, and BOTH showed NO tumor, NO unusual "enhancements"...and NO cancer! Patrick's oncologist was overjoyed at how Patrick has responded to the treatment, and confident that he would not have to undergo radiation at the end of the chemotherapy. We are relieved, to say the least, and thankful to God and the amazing medical team at NIH for his healing! (And thanks to you for your continual prayers, concern and emotional support!)

We still have three more rounds (9 weeks total) to go, so we're not out of the (chemo) woods yet, but we're so glad that his cancer is gone, and that these final rounds of treatment are mostly for preventative reasons.

So, overall, we have much to be thankful for!

(Long live the fanny pack!)


  1. Hallelujah!! Praise the Lord!! We are rejoicing with you all with this amazing gift of healing! God is good indeed! And standing with you all for the final rounds of can do it PK!
    natalie, dave, shepherd + rock

  2. Wonderful WONDERFUL news!!! Prayers at our house continue to mention you by name every night.

    Jeff and Sharon Bjorck


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