Thursday, November 17, 2011

Results Pending...

There is not a lot of news to report, except that whatever initial results have come back from Patrick's EEG and spinal tap have been clear or inconclusive. There were several factors studied from the lumbar puncture, and a few of them will take a few days/weeks to register a result, so we're in the wait and watch mode right now. PK will be at NIH through Saturday, while he's receiving chemo, and maybe longer, if something new comes up...

I'm leaving tomorrow to spend a long Thanksgiving week with my family in Boston, and PK is slated to join me Tuesday-Friday. We'd REALLY love for him to be there, but we're taking it day-by-day, hoping and praying for good results. Thankfully his mom and sister (and family) are here to keep an eye (or two or five) on him while I'm gone.

Please pray for good but conclusive results to all of his recent testing! The unknowns are driving us crazy! He's still having a LOT of issues walking, as his balance and gait are totally off, and he's also been nauseous and frequently vomiting over the past few days, so the doctors are scratching their smart heads, trying to figure out what's going on. Answers (as pleasant or unpleasant as they might be) would very helpful right about now!  We'll update you as we find out more.

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  1. I can't imagine the waiting! Bless you guys in the midst of this uncertainty...we are praying that the doctors will know results soon and that they will be good ones!


Thanks for your prayers!