Wednesday, November 16, 2011

New Tests Planned...

I heard from Patrick this morning that his doctors are scheduling some new tests today, to determine what is going on with his wobbliness. Apparently, they don't think it is being caused by his chemo drugs, and are wondering if there's something else happening internally. He'll have an EEG to monitor his brain's activity, and spinal fluid removed from the location in his skull, where he had an ommaya reservoir port inserted (and then removed) during his first chemo treatment 7 years ago. I guess it would a more accurate draw of the fluid in his brain, rather than going through his spine.

We're worried, to say the least, that there could be more lymphoma in his body, and hoping (either way) that answers are discovered ASAP.

Please pray that this is nothing as serious as it sounds, and that we remain hopeful in the midst of the challenges!


  1. thanks guys. I am praying this morning for this development. Do you know how long PK will be at NIH? Is he up for a pastoral visit?


  2. I will be praying for this new testing...and quick results. And for peace for you Julie.

    -Rachel D.


Thanks for your prayers!